Many students finance their studies through part-time jobs or through parents. But if the money is scarce, a student loan can help. Unlike normal loans, the student loan does not pay out the amount granted, but in small monthly installments. Student loans are granted only under certain conditions.  Tips for applying Currently, such loans are […]

There can be different life situations where there is a small need for credit. With a required loan amount of, for example, 1,000.00 Euro, the inclusion of a so-called “micro-credit” is recommended. The following article deals with the topic of “microloan” and discusses, among other things, which credit institutions offer such loans and which terms […]

For at least two years now, not only are investors annoyed about low capital market rates, but there is also the other side of the coin. For example, loan seekers and borrowers are looking forward to very low loan interest rates, which have fallen significantly in recent years. Interest rates are of great interest to […]