Month: December 2018


Loans for professional groups: who enjoys which advantages?

Loans for professional groups: The possible loan volume per person or household is quite different. Here it depends on how safe the workplace is, what should be financed with the loan and how the chances are that the money can be repaid within the term. In addition, loans to specific occupational groups are preferred. Loans […]


Apply for Student Loan: How it works

Many students finance their studies through part-time jobs or through parents. But if the money is scarce, a student loan can help. Unlike normal loans, the student loan does not pay out the amount granted, but in small monthly installments. Student loans are granted only under certain conditions.  Tips for applying Currently, such loans are […]


1000 Euro Loan

There can be different life situations where there is a small need for credit. With a required loan amount of, for example, 1,000.00 Euro, the inclusion of a so-called “micro-credit” is recommended. The following article deals with the topic of “microloan” and discusses, among other things, which credit institutions offer such loans and which terms […]

FRONTIER WORKER. Purchase of cross-border loans, Belgium, Luxembourg, Germany, Switzerland, Monaco.

Grouping of credits for frontier worker Since the abolition of borders, many French people regularly cross the border to work in Germany, Belgium, Monaco or Switzerland. According to European legislation, a worker is considered “frontier”, if he works in a country of the European Union, but returns every day or at least once a week […]


Loan interest – always up-to-date

For at least two years now, not only are investors annoyed about low capital market rates, but there is also the other side of the coin. For example, loan seekers and borrowers are looking forward to very low loan interest rates, which have fallen significantly in recent years. Interest rates are of great interest to […]