Loans to study

The loans to study are the alternative to which we can go when we have less money and we are about to start or halfway through a university course. Spain is currently considered one of the European countries in which university-level studies are more expensive, so resorting to this alternative is not a completely crazy idea. The loans to study […]

What to do if the bank says NO to my loan?

What to do if the bank says NO to my loan?

Well, there are alternatives to the house bank! In the case of loans for small businesses and self-employed, one bank may refuse the application while another loan may grant a loan. In contrast to consumer loans for employees, banks sometimes have very different criteria for assessing the creditworthiness of self-employed and small companies. The applicant should therefore in no case […]

Loan for self-employed, entrepreneurs and entrepreneurs

Innovative ideas are a red cloth for banks! Many innovative ideas and promising business concepts can not be realized because they fall through the grid of conventional banks. For the same reasons, even successful companies have to dismiss employees or refrain from important developments, because a liquidity gap in particular calls into question solvency and banks do not offer credit […]