Loans to study

The loans to study are the alternative to which we can go when we have less money and we are about to start or halfway through a university course.

Spain is currently considered one of the European countries in which university-level studies are more expensive, so resorting to this alternative is not a completely crazy idea.

The loans to study are basically credits designed specifically to accredit some type of school course, either of compulsory education or higher education. In general, they are used to pay for the initial payment of tuition, but they are also used to pay other expenses for the same purposes as books, materials or accommodation.

Requirements to access loans to study

Although it is a solution available to everyone, for this reason, all the entities that offer loans to study require us to meet various requirements so that it can be approved.

Below, some of the requirements that most entities will ask us if we want to hire one of their loans to study :

  • Being over 18 years.
  • Be a resident of Spain.
  • Have stable income to show that the financing can be paid.
  • Have a checking account
  • If our income level is insufficient, the entity will ask us to back a guarantor.

Documents to access loans to study

Depending on the policy of each lender, we will be asked for certain documents when applying for loans to study.

On the contrary, if we apply for loans to study through our trust bank, we will not have to present as much documentation as they will know our personal and financial profile.

In general, the documents that we will have to present are:

  • Identification document.
  • Proof of our income.
  • State of accounts for the lender to ensure our monthly income and expenses.
  • Data from your bank account.
  • photocopy of the registration.

Different types of loans to study:

As it was mentioned before, there are many reasons why we decided to apply for loans to study, one of the most common being the excessive cost of tuition.

Learn about the different loan options to study that you can request according to your financial needs.

  • Credits to finance the entire career: it is one of the most requested loans to study. All the capital that we receive will have to be spent on tuition and other expenses related to this type of studies.
  • Advance of scholarships: they anticipate the amount of a scholarship that they have granted us, but they have not yet admitted us. With them we can pay tuition for the course or any other expense that entails student life.
  • Master and Postgraduate Loans: many request it to continue their professional training after finishing college.
  • Loans for international studies: they are financing that allows us to continue our studies outside the country. Generally used by students who decide to make a year or 6 months of their careers by student exchange.